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Type In Ice – Workshop

Type in ice workshop: moulds

Workshop at KISD, Köln International School of Design: “Letters in Ice”. During the course, students had to work with type on very different levels: First, developing a lettering style in sketches and designing a digital character set with the program “Glyphs”. Second, carving 3-dimensional prototypes out of wood, soap or other soft materials and using them to make silicone moulds to cast ice letters. This step resembled the practice of punch cutting and type casting in the early days of book printing. Finally, the results had to be photographed and used in the design of a winter-related event poster. The course took place in Cologne in January. But Cologne winters are not Finnish winters, so the freezer was an indispensable component of the course.

Type in ice workshop: 3-d letters
Below some impressions the work and spirit during the course – and some results. It was a lot of fun.
Type in ice workshop: silicon forms
Sometimes ice is burning.
photoshooting with ice letters and water
Letter s
Forming letters at “Type in Ice” workshop
working with silicon
waiting for silicon forms to dry
Ice letters: melt
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