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Sentres Icons for South Tyrol

Sample of Sentres icon

Sentres is a tourism portal for South Tyrolia in northern Italy presenting any info a traveller might need before and during a vacation trip. Just like South Tyrolia itself, the Sentres icons are quite a potpourri, visualizing all the activities popular in the region – among them cross-country skiing, freestyle, mountain climbing and biking, promenading, après ski, wellness and many more.

Designed for Edenspiekermann_ Berlin, designers: Jürgen Sanides and Julia Sysmäläinen.

Sentres icons in use, printed on buttons
Sentres icons can be found not only on their home base, the Sentres website – but also in books, on shirts, jackets and on bottons …
Sentres icons on blue background
Alpine topics presented by Sentres iconography
The set of 80 icons is an OpenType font with different background forms and potential multicoloring. Optimized for small sizes at 72 dpi resolution the icons are accessed by key-code or glyph window.
Sentres icons are used for a map navigation on the website
Navigating in the map of South Tyrolia with the help of Sentres icons
an image with icon's samples: food and sleep
Opentype features of Emily In White: contextual alternates and ligatures.
overview of the Sentres icons
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