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ABC Font – Learning to Write

ABC Font doted for children

Luckily not everybody in the world is as blindly addicted to “progress” as ministers in northern Europe advocating the abolition of connected handwriting. In the number of African countries traditional handwriting with connected script is alive and well – and actively taught in schools.

Juliasys Type Studio designed a custom font family for a-b-c books in southern Africa on the basis of local teachers’ sketches. OpenType coding was used to provide for complete glyph connection.

Three styles of the ABC font
Three styles of the ABC font: regular, bold and doted

The typeface family contains a regular and a bold weight as well as a dotted style which is used mainly in exercise books; – tracing as an enjoyable and effective learning method.

Connected version of ABC font
Lower case characters of the font are fully connected by the use of contextual alternates.
number two from ABC font
word house, written in abc font
Basic shapes of the glyphs follow traditional forms which were provided in the brief.
non connected capital letter, set in ABC Bold
ABC Doted for redrawing words while learning to write
Regular and bold for reading and analysing, dotted for redrawing …
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