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Gravis Hybrid Typeface

the word soundlounge set in Gravis Hybrid font

Gravis Hybrids a display typeface for German Apple reseller Gravis. It was created as part of the Gravis visual identity at the United Designers Network by Susanna Dulkinys and Julia Sysmäläinen, project lead Erik Spiekermann. As the name says, the font’s glyphs are amorphous hybrids between bitmaps and circular forms. It is used in the logo, in headlines and intro texts of digital and printed publications, and also for the signage in the stores.

at sign of Gravis Hybrid typeface
basic character set of Gravis Hybrid typeface
testing Gravis Hybrid font Work in progress: technical check of the font
price set in Gravis Hybrid font
Number set of Gravis Hybrid font
et sign of Gravis Hybrid font
Gravis Hybrid in use: product display Stong character was the main thing. Legibility did not have priority in this case and, ironically, increases as the sizes get smaller …
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