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MIR type family

Word Mir, written in Latin and Cyrillic, in Mir Thin

The Russian word Мир (Mir) means both World and Peace. The rendezvous of the two terms seems quite unique and utopistic today, but it is comforting to see that it was natural at some time deep down in Russian history. Bits of both meanings were going through my mind while I was designing this typeface.

Mir in use: combination of numerals and text
Love is in the air …
Mir typeface specimen

Multilingual typeface

Mir’s character set is multiscript – Latin, Cyrillic and Greek – and extends to many parts of the linguistic world. In fact it covers far more than 100 languages. Stylistic consistency between the language systems makes typographic border crossings painless. And when mathematics, physics or chemistry are to be expressed – Mir contains a rich set of symbols and corresponding OpenType features to master also these situations.

Serious things are best be said in a relaxed, unpretentious way. Mir is serious but not stern. It has authority without being authoritarian and explains difficult things in a down to earth way.

Mir Latin, Greek, Cyrillic – authentic form, unified style
Mir Latin, Greek, Cyrillic – authenticity in form, unity in style.
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