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JH Brush – Informal Simplified Han

Characters of JH Brush font: 气

JH Brush JH Brush was designed for a marketing campaign of the German company Jungheinrich AG in P.R. China. Jungheinrich manufactures transport, positioning and storage equipment and operates in over 40 countries. A plant near Shanghai supplies Jungheinrich’s sales for the Asian market.

JH Brush consists of a limited character set in Simplified Han, which is used in Mainland China. It was tailor-made for the marketing campaign. The Latin characters of the corresponding English texts were in a similar brush style.

Some characters of JH Brush font
Character of JH Brush font: 本
lettering 想
Character of JH Brush font: 易
Character of JH Brush font: 轻
Sentence in JH Brush
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