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ALS Scripticus

Scripticus for leisurely math and science
Scripticus gives texts a leisurely look and feel – even if the topic is maths and science.

Scripticus is like a chameleon: In whatever surroundings you put it – it looks like it couldn’t be anywhere else. Is it an advertisement, a music website, a comic strip or a science journal with complicated equations – Scripticus always solves the problem in a natural and leisurely way. Without making compromises in regard to clarity. But where does Scripticus come from? From the good old high school blackboard! Still today, clear handwritten notes which appear on the board – be it a black or white one – while the facts are explained can really make things understandable. My high school chemistry teacher was an expert in doing this. Scripticus is dedicated to him.

Menu in Russian using Scripticus
Hungry? Here’s a tasty mix of Russian text and numbers. Scripticus makes it easy to find the right dish. Besides Extended Latin, Scripticus contains an Extended Cyrillic character set. Image: Art. Lebedev Studio
Scripticus’ four alternates for letters and numbers give texts a natural look.
Four slightly different looking alternates for letters and numbers makes Scripticus texts look natural.

Open Type Features

Scripticus uses a special trick to create a natural feel: Rotation coding for four alternates of each letter and each number lets glyphs appear in a lively sequence and reduces repetitions to a minimum. Some other Scripticus OpenType features are: tabular figures, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates / stylistic set, capital spacing, case sensitive forms, superscript, scientific inferiors, numerators, denominators, fractions, ordinals, historical forms, localized forms and ornaments. Below some examples of how they can be applied:

Proportional and tabular figures
proportional figures in texts (left), tabular figures in tables (right)
Stylistic alternates / stylistic set for circled figures
stylistic alternates / stylistic set for circled figures
Superscript: downsized elevated numerals, subscript: downsized lowered numerals
superscript for downsized elevated numerals and subscript for downsized lowered numerals
Four subtly different alternates
four subtly different alternates for each number and letter
Turning the ligature feature off and on.
Turning the ligature feature off and on.
Comics with ALS Scripticus, part 1
Comics with ALS Scripticus, part 2
Comics with ALS Scripticus, part 3
ALS Scripticus in use on merchandasing
ALS Scripticus is a part of Art. Lebedev Studio font library.
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