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Moi Helsinki – FF Mister K at Helsinki Airport

signage in FF Mister K

“It’s been some time since I last entered the country at HEL – Helsinki airport. And unfortunately I don’t really have time to admire all the new achievements there since I have to catch a train to the east. My schedule is tight. After the baggage claim I am as usually surrounded by a crowd of meeters awaiting their relatives & friends. Not expecting anyone waiting for me there I want to elegantly and swiftly elbow my way out. But wait a second: There is a friend there, high above all the others. It’s the Kafka handwriting font Mister K greeting everybody with a loveable “Moi Helsinki” (Hi Helsinki). Instantly my priorities change. It will have to be a later train. I absolutely must check out the first bar in Finland using Mister K as its keynote speaker! …”

Check the full story by Tuomo Metso at “Fonts In Use”.

The bar “Moi Helsinki”
Signage outside of the building of Helsinki airport
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