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FinlandiaScript Frost

ALS FinlandiaScript a typeface in reminiscence of Jean Sibelius

FinlandiaScript Frost – a typeface based on Jean Sibelius’ handwriting is dedicated to the composer and to the Finnish winter.

To escape the cold season and head to the south has almost become a routine procedure for many of us. But without winter you miss a lot. Frost is one of them – on the meadows, the trees, on the reeds at the lakeside, on your kitchen window … The Finnish landscape in winter – not only Sibelius, but probably every Finn has fallen in love with it at some time. FinlandiaScript typeface family wouldn’t be complete without a style dedicated to it: FinlandiaScript Frost.

Crunchy FinlandiaScript Frost font
Typefaces FinlandiaScript Frost and connected Bold

Eye-Catching Display Font

Bold and at the same time fragile due to its delicate crystal texture – FinlandiaScript Frost font creates beautiful headlines and combines very well with the other FinlandiaScript styles – and many other typefaces.

Russian “Forest” in FinlandiaScript Frost font

With Western and Central European character sets as well as an Extended Cyrillic FinlandiaScript Frost supports almost 100 languages.

Sample of ALS FinlandiaScript font: night written in Finnish
Sample of ALS FinlandiaScript font: snow
Sample of ALS FinlandiaScript font: frost
Mixing ALS FinlandiaScript Bold and Frost
ALS FinlandiaScript is a part of the Art. Lebedev Studio font library.
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