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Travelling Letters – Exhibition

Object from the “Travelling letters” exhibition

“Travelling Letters” is the name of a Northeast European exhibition project about experimental typography. The exhibition, organized by Ausra Lisauskiene from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and Ritva Leinonen from the Lahti Institute of Design, moved around between Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Lahti and Riga, stopping in one of these cities every year. Typeface Mister K went along on the trip with glyphs and icons in corroded steel, prints and mural lettering. Thanks, dear Ausra and Ritu!

One of the stories from the “Travelling letters” exhibition
Mister K planning the trip, his means of transport, a stop in the city, and awakening from dreams …
an exhibition object from the “Travelling letters”
Franz Kafka’s text set in FF Mister K
Photo: Indra Kupferschmid
storytelling, at the “Travelling letters” exhibition
an object from the “Travelling letters” exhibition
Evening stop in the city,  story explained in FF Mister K Regular and FF Mister K Dingbats
Instalation from the “Travelling letters” exhibition
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