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Mister K Informal

FF Mister K Informal, a key player in the Dresdner Essenz brand
Dresdner Essenz® wellness products branded by Berlin agency kakoii.

FF Mister K Informal is made for teachers, students, designers, story tellers, letter writers. This Mister K family member is based on texts Franz Kafka had rewritten from original drafts – a very clear and readable script ideally suited for texts, tables and formulas that unite clarity with a relaxed personal feeling — a typeface for all fields of knowledge and learning.

The characteristic A of Mister K Informal
The characteristic letter A of Mister K Informal
Sample of FF Mister K Informal
FF Mister K Informal: an orderly writing style – personality united with enhanced readability

FF Mister K Informal OpenType Features

Like in all Mister K fonts, OpenType features determine the selection of glyphs in different contexts. These features are also a helpful tool for underlining, crossing out words, using various editing marks or special capitals for acronyms and formulas. There are more than 2500 glyphs in Mister K Informal, among them a wide range of symbols, oldstyle figures and an extended Cyrillic character set.

OpenType feature “Standard ligatures” turned on
Example with OpenType feature “Standard ligatures” turned on
OpenType feature “Standard ligatures” turned off
Also good looking when OpenType feature “Standard ligatures” is turned off
Mister K Informal – a winner at the TDC Competition in 2012
Mister K Informal was a winner at the TDC Typeface Design Competition in 2012.
Australian shopping mall with Mister K Informal in its logo.
The Australian shopping mall “the Strand at Coolangatta” uses Mister K Informal in its logo.
Mister K Informal: Dresdener Essenz by kakoii
Dresdener Essenz by Kakoii
Mister K Informal font in use: Walder shoes
Mister K Informal: Walder Schuhe (by Leo Burnett)
Mister K Informal: Dr. Oetker's Winterliche Back-Ideen
Backen ideas for winter time: Dr. Oetker “Winterliche Back-Ideen”
M. Bulgakov, “Dog’s Heart”, excerpt in Mister K Informal, in Russian
Cyrillic of Mister K Informal: Excerpt from “Dog’s Heart” by Michail Bulgakov: Of sixtythousand dogs in Moscow there’s probably not one of them so stupid he can’t spell out the word ‘sausage’.
character set of Mister K Informal
The character set of Mister K Informal

Award-Winning Font Family

Mister K type family members received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence at the Moscow Modern Cyrillic Competition, an ISTD Premier Award in London and a TDC Award at the New York Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition.

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