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Juliasys Type Studio – Forms & Fonts from the North East

Geographically you find Juliasys right beside one of the highlights of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, the Kulturbrauerei. What we are doing there is quite simple: working hard to get quality and humor together in type & identity design – and always adding some unique Finnish-Russian spice. We create identities, brands and typefaces, do custom and retail projects and cooperate with partners in different corners of the world. We publish fonts and icons through our own foundry as well as Berlin’s FontFont and Moscow’s Art. Lebedev Studio, or develop them directly for clients. Some of our custom design clients are Freshbooks Toronto, Monotype Germany, Mars and Propercorn London, Remes & Packart Helsinki and Harpers Publishers New York. One of our hallmarks are multifeatured scriptfonts based on the handwriting of authors and artists – like that of Franz Kafka, Emily Dickinson and Jean Sibilius. FF Mister K, our award winning Kafka typeface, presents itself in detail on its own website ffmisterk.com.

Julia Sysmäläinen

Julia Sysmäläinen, educated both as a designer and a philologist, has Finnish and Russian roots. She is an experienced corporate and type designer and has worked many years for Edenspiekermann Amsterdam and Berlin with customers like the American Academy, Bosch, CBS-Holland, Deutsche Bahn, Gravis, MEAG, Ottobock, Paulmann, Sentres, visitBerlin, Winestein and others. She is always on the move between Germany, Finland and Russia.

Jürgen Sanides

Jürgen Sanides is a visual designer and a natural scientist. Biophysics and biochemistry have become important sources and a help in many of his design projects. At Juliasys he is in charge of font back end and OpenType coding. Jürgen has been a visiting teacher in different institutes of art and design in Russia, Germany and in the Baltic region.

Toshiya Izumo

Toshiya Izumo is a communication designer from Tokyo specializing on branding, pictographic imagery and type design. At Juliasys, Toshiya is currently trapped in a monster project – the design of 6000 Asian characters for a global type family. At daytime he is employed by Edenspiekermann_ Berlin.

Paul Thiele

Paul Thiele is an interaction designer and musician. In spite of the fact that an unfriendly horse had bitten off one of his ears during childhood – it was sewn on again a couple of hours later – Paul has a nearly absolute pitch. At Juliasys he takes care of everything connected to sound and the internet. His music you’ll find on SoundCloud and his works on his website.

Working Together

Alphabet Type / Alphabettes / Art. Lebedev Studio / Buchstabenmuseum, Berlin / DaltonMaag / Elmwood / Erik Spiekermann / FontFont / MetaDesign / Monotype / Remes & Packart / Sonja Knecht / Susanna Dulkinys /

References & Clients

American Academy in Berlin, Art Basel, Bosch, Beiersdorf, Berghof, Canto, Deutsche Bahn, EM Zurich, FontShop, FreshBooks, Gravis, HarperCollins Publishers, Le Monde Diplomatique, Liberty Global, Mars, MEAG, Messe Frankfurt, Ottobock, Paulmann, RaboDirect, Robeco, RWE, Saarioinen, Sentres, Škoda, Telecom, TEDx, TCHO, visitBerlin, WineStein, Wirecard, VDV – Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen, Wolters Kluwer, ZDF.