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Colorado – the Multi-Striped Font

Colorado III font

Nature is fond of stripes. Animals have them, plants have them and the rainbow has them. Besides being beautiful, stripes in nature have various origins and functions. But only Homo sapiens gave them symbolic meaning. In the American flag, the 13 stripes symbolize the 13 colonies that declared independence from Britain. In the French “Tricolour” flag, they represent Paris and the king of France.

Colorado typeface, layered

The font family COLORADO, named after the beautifully striped Colorado potato beetle, can be used to construct all kinds of symbolic or just beautiful messages. And thankfully, you need no OpenType diploma to do this. To get your texts multi-striped and multicolored, follow this simple procedure: Write the message with one of the COLORADO fonts and apply a color. Then copy and paste in place, and apply a second font and color. Repeat this again if wanted – and the masterpiece is done.

COLORADO’s language support covers about 100 languages. It has a Western European, a Central European and an Extended Cyrillic character set.

Stars and stripes of Colorado font

COLORADO Font Family

6 styles of Colorado typeface

Combining 4 layers

Colorado styles used for layering
Colorado font colored
Colorado font: OIO
Playing with Colorado styles
Using Colorado font styles X and OOI
Using Colorado font styles X and IOI
Using Colorado font styles X and IOO
Colorado font: III
Using Colorado font style OIO
Using Colorado font styles X and OOI
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