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Optimisti font in use

“Optimisti” is Finnish for optimist – and optimism is exactly the feeling this handwriting font conveys. It is casual, playful, natural looking and character-strong – a perfect solution for headlines, slogans, teaser texts and brand naming.


Besides the two original fonts – “Optimisti Smooth” and “Optimisti Sparkling” differing in outline structure and texture – “Optimisti Decor” now joined the game. Optimisti Decor is loaded with a multitude of artful elements that can convey a very festive atmosphere – or, on the contrary, ironically make fun of it. Its features are is especially striking when used in all-caps setting.

Use the Optimists separately or together to make a humorous – or serious but always cordial impression in print, on the web, on packaging or even on your shopping bag …

Sample of the font Optimisti Smooth
Sample of the font Optimisti Sparkling
Sample of the font Optimisti Decor
Optimisti Sparkling in Latin and Cyrillic
Optimisti Sparkling: Cyrillic and Latin
Words “design interior” in Optimisti Smooth font
Optimisti Smooth
Words “optimisti decor” in Optimisti Decor font
Optimisti Decor

Multilingual Script

Optimisti supports 100 languages. It has a Western European, a Central European and an Extended Cyrillic character set.

Some latin characters of Optimisti font
Ligatures of Optimisti font
Glyphs with diacritics of Optimisti font
All Optimisti styles – Smooth, Sparkling and Decor – support Latin extended …
Some Cyrillic characters of Optimisti font
Cyrillic ligatures of Optimisti font
Sample of extended Cyrillic of Optimisti font
… Cyrillic Extended …
Sample of caps alternates of Optimisti font
Sample of alternates of Optimisti font
Optimisti Decor has also numerious upper case and lower case alternates.
Optimisti Smooth, sample in Cyrillic and Latin
Words “Märchen” and “сказка” set in Optimisti Smooth font
Word “Früstück” in Optimisti Decor font
Optimisti Decor
Optimisti Decor font, sample in Russian
Optimisti Decor
Optimisti Sparkling
Optimisti Sparkling, sample in Russian and English
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