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MIR Next Font Family

Mir Next, multilintual semi-slab with 20 styles


MIR Next is a growing multi-script type family best described by the terms “humanist–semi–slab-serif”. Its name comes from the old Russian word (Мир) meaning both “world” and “peace” –a unity we will hopefully take for granted sometime in the future.

Mir Next style overview
20 styles…
Mir Next style overview
Mir Next style overview
Mir Next typeface sample

Multilingual typeface

MIR’s character set contains Latin and Cyrillic, both extended, as well as Greek, covering more than 100 languages. Strong personality along with consistency between language systems were a basic aim when designing the family. Besides letters, a wide choice of symbols and numbers are included, making MIR a very useful tool also for statistics, texts about mathematics and the sciences. Serious things are best be said in an unpretentious, relaxed way. MIR gives typography exactly that kind of appearance. Its texts emit a sense of authority and stay easily accessible at the same time.

Mir Latin, Greek, Cyrillic – authentic form, unified style
Mir Latin, Greek, Cyrillic – authenticity in form, unity in style.
Mir Next in use samlpe
Mir Next in use samlpe
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