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Josef K — A Bold Self-Confident Script Font

Josef K Paneuropean – Franz Kafka in the office

Like the FF Mister K type family “Josef K Paneuropean” and “Josef K Strong European” are derived from Franz Kafka’s writing style. This time the source of inspiration was not the literary work Kafka created at night as an author, but the texts he produced during daytime in his professional life as a high-ranking bureaucrat – Dr. Franz Kafka.

The Josef K typefaces echoe Kafka’s prestigious status at the Workmen’s Accident Insurance Institute of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Their ductus, originating from a broad-nibbed ink pen combines a clear, self-confident stroke with the calligraphic features so typical for Franz Kafka’s handwriting.

Idiosyncratic caps and strongly lowercase glyphs typical for Kafka
Idiosyncratic caps and rhythmically connected lowercase glyphs so typical for Franz Kafka’s writing style …
Josef K font is bolder than FF Mister K
Both “Josef K” fonts are bolder than the “FF Mister K” typefaces

While both typefaces are more straightforward and bolder than the wonderfully erratic fonts of the FF Mister K type family Josef K Paneuropean is best characterized as a semibold handwriting textface. Josef K Strong European, the latest “K”-accomplishment, is a distinctly bold display typeface and provides an ideal complement to the former. It is great for headlines, product names and branding and combines perfectly also with all the FF Mister K textfaces.

Letter K of Josef K Paneuropean and Josef K Strong
Left: Josef K Paneuropean font, right: Josef K Strongfont
Letter Zhe of Josef K Paneuropean and Josef K Strong
Left: Josef K Paneuropean, right: Josef K Strong
Sample of Josef K Paneuropean font: “cinema”
Although the Josef K fonts are inspired by Kafka’s office writings they are a great choice for festive occasions.
Josef K Strong
Josef K Strong font in use
A wide language support covering more than 100 languages
The Josef K fonts have Western and Central European character sets …
an extended Cyrillic character set
… as well as extended Cyrillic.

OpenType Features

Josef K Paneuropean is a largely connected script and contains a complex OpenType feature code that determines the positioning of its glyphs. Texts set in the font get their most lively appearance when OpenType savvy programs are used and “standard ligatures” and “contextual / stylistic alternates” are turned on.

alternate forms of letter s from Josef K font
Alternate forms for the letter s
alternate forms of letters e and r, from Josef K font
Some e-s and r-s and of the hundreds of ligatures, here a few examples:
ligature ab of Josef K Paneuropean font
ligature Ha of Josef K Paneuropean typeface
ligature ffj of Josef K Paneuropean typeface
ligature ffj of Josef K Paneuropean typeface
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