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Liebherr Icons

Sample icons from Liebherr icon set

For the fundamentally new corporate design of the Liebherr Group, MetaDesign asked Julia Sysmäläinen to assist in the creation of an icon system that would form a visual unit with the distinct corporate “Liebherr” typeface designed by HVD Fonts – a functional sans-serif with a technical yet humanistic appeal.

The result of this work so far is a set of 700 icons with a clear and consistent, yet personal, style to match the typeface. There is a wide range from technical to abstract and even botanical and zoological visuals. Many of the icons, especially the technical ones, have gone through a lengthy process to improve the clarity and reduce the visual clutter, while at the same time making them instantly distinguishable from other similar items or concepts. As the applications can be diverse, in many cases versions of varying complexity have been created.

Liebherr icons in use

Usually icons are designed in two sizes.

icon sample

Animals – a nice break from so many technical icons.

people and object icons

Extended icons for large sizes

In addition to the two standard sizes, some machines also need to be shown in large format. These variants have more details, which is important for distinguishing the machines from those of other suppliers.

Size versions in comparison
machines and components
Liebherr icons: sample
Liebherr extended icons
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