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Labello Font for the Labello Brand

A Custom font for the Labello brand

As part of the cooperation with Beiersdorf, Juliasys was asked to design a typeface for the Labello brand based on its logotype. The logo, which was introduced in 1973, constitutes a mixture of letterforms from Bauhaus teacher Herbert Bayer’s “Universalschrift” and mid-century sans serif glyphs. Our job was to compose to a stylistically convincing unity between the two in a character-strong typeface.

Specimen of Herbert Bayer’s Universal Typeface
Sample text set in Labello font

As in many similar projects, when working with historical material a fundamental question was: How close do we stay to the original, or how strongly do we modify it for the sake of legibility, readability and a more contemporary look and feel?

Sample text set in Labello font

Together with the Beiersdorf Brand Management team the project evolved in enjoyable teamwork. The result is a typeface which is true to its descent, smoothly integrates into the Labello visual style and additionally has very good readability – on the screen as well as in print.

Labello font sample
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