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ALS SyysScript

Finnish brand Saarioinen, using SyysScript font
Syysscript and Finnish covenience food by Saarioinen.

SyysScript is the revival of a strong Carelian personality.
My aunt Katri from Kontupohja had a very kind but also energetic character, and her handwriting is a mirror of it. I was fascinated by a few sentences she had written on a postcard inviting me to go mushrooming, and I decided to make them the starting point for a typeface dedicated to her. The name “SyysScript” is Finnish and translates as “Script of Autumn”, Katri’s favorite season – harvesting time, time for collecting the fruits of nature in the forest and the garden.

SyysScript has strong visual attributes but is easily readable. The font’s many OpenType features and a bundle of alternates for each character give texts written in SyysScript a very natural look.

SyysScript Type Family – Now with Four Styles

Syysscript Regular with long ascenders and descenders is very expressive and is perfect to use as a display font. Syysscript Eco keeps the personal charm of the original but has more compact proportions and simplified outlines. It is space-economical and legible in dense surroundings, such as packaging.

Two long awaited newcomers, Syysscript FeltTip and Syysscript FeltTip Eco recently joined the family. They are bolder and softer than the previous styles but have the same positive, lighthearted feel. The “felt tip styles” are equally well suited for paper, packaging, a screen or even a concrete wall …

SyysScript bag and booklet combining the styles
SyysScript bag and booklet combining Regular and Eco styles
Comparison of proportions: top SyysScript, bottom SyysScript Eco
SyysScript’s long descenders and ascenders make it very expressive …
Comparison of proportions: SyysScript FeltTip
SyysScript FeltTip makes a powerful individual mark on any background!
Comparison of proportions: top SyysScript, bottom SyysScript Eco
SyysScript Eco is more compact and space economical (Latin and Cyrillic glyphs shown) …
Comparison of proportions: SyysScript SyysScript FeltTip Eco typeface
SyysScript FeltTip Eco is the perfect partner for SyysScript Eco.
Sweet SyysScript font sample
Chocolate tastes better with SyysScript.
SyysScript typeface sample: casual
SyysScript Eco typeface sample: original
SyysScript typeface sample: expressive
SyysScript Eco sample on moisturing cream
SyysScript font for the “Holmes Place” fitness
Fitness at “Holmes Place”
SyysScript font on German quality wine
SyysScript font for German quality wine
Using 3 styles of Syysscript
Four Styles fo Syysscript type family
SyysScript font in Russia’s “Kantri” magazine
SyysScript font in Russia’s lifestyle magazine “Kantri”.

SyysScript Latin / SyysScript Cyrillic

After its release by Art Lebedev Studio in Moscow SyysScript soon became their best selling font. Today SyysScript Cyrillic can be found on food packaging in all parts of the Russian Federation.

Sample of Latin and Cyrillic glyphs
Sample of Latin and Cyrillic glyphs …
Four Styles fo Syysscript type family
Sample of Syysscript Felt Tip in Cyrillics
Syysscript and tiramisu
Syysscript and mocca
ALS SyysScript is a part of Art. Lebedev Studio font library.
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