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NIVEA Care Type – Character-Driven Type Design for the NIVEA Brand

Packaging with Nivea Care Type, body lotion

Juliasys Studio was commissioned by Beiersdorf AG to develop a digital handwriting style for their NIVEA brand. The new “NIVEA Care Type” is seen as the imaginary handwriting of the NIVEA persona, the “NIVEA Woman”. Care Type has the function to subtly integrate the NIVEA Woman personality in the look and feel of the brand. The two typefaces NIVEA Care Type Latin and NIVEA Care Type Cyrillic are continuously implemented internationally on product packaging, especially for new product lines.

sample of Nivea Care Type font, face range

Together, the Latin and the Cyrillic Care Type contain over 4000 glyphs, among them about 2500 ligatures, with coding for automatic contextual substitution. Amounts like these are a necessity to convincingly simulate a natural handwriting style in all its variations as a digital font.

Nivea products using Nivea care type
showing Nivea Care Type font in details
Little details, especially at the stroke endings give NIVEA Care Type its distinct appeal.
 the word cocoa in Nivea Care Type font

Besides ligatures that are automatically inserted there are optional alternate glyphs for the word beginnings and endings (top).
For most characters there are at least four variants depending on their position in a word and in a line of text (below).

sample of Nivea Care Type font: alternates
sample of Nivea Care Type font: alternate glyphs of lower case g
sample of Nivea Care Type font: different versions of the word sensible
Word images can be subtly changed by partial deactivation of the “liga” feature.
Für samtweiche und geschmeidige Haut, written in Nivea Care Type font
word Cherry blossom in different languages, set in Nivea Care Type font

Care Type is in use in most European languages.

sample of Nivea Care Type font: Protective cream in Greek
“Protective Cream” in Greek
sample of Nivea Care Type font: body lotion, in Russian
Image source: Блог Анны Суворовой BLOSSOM.

Care Type is actively used in languages with Cyrillic alphabets. Localised forms support regionally differing Cyrillic writing traditions.

sample of Cyrillic local forms of Nivea Care Type font
sample of Nivea Care Type font: product name “hairmilk” in Russian

“Essentials” – one of the successful new product lines with Care Type on the masthead.

sample of Nivea Care Type font: essentials

Read the fascinating background story about NIVEA Care Type at

sample of Nivea Care Type font: promotional set
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